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撮影:吉岡信一氏 提供:広島市公文書館

参考資料:「五日市町誌(中巻)」 五日市町誌編集委員会 1979年
Filmed circa 1940 (Showa 15) by Shinichi Yoshioka
Original film courtesy of Hiroshima Municipal Archives
Rakurakuen, Saeki Ward, Hiroshima City
Rakurakuen was an amusement park opened in 1936 in the middle of a residential area developed by the tram company Hiroshima Gasu Kido, which touted it as the “Takarazuka of the Chugoku region.” It is recorded that the park had equipment and rides for families and children, amusement facilities, shops, swimming pools, and rest areas, where visitors could spend the whole day. In summer the park also provided bathing facilities at a nearby beach to the south of the park. The footage records a group of people warming up before swimming, people frolicking in a swimming pool, adults relaxing in the resting area, and children in swimwear enjoying go-karts and other rides.
Reference: Itsukaichi Choshi Henshu Iinkai, Itsukaichi Choshi Chukan [History of Itsukaichi Town], Second of three volumes (1979)




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