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ひろしま戦前の風景 6「昭和産業博覧会 正門」

昭和4年(1929年) 撮影:田部華吉氏 中区基町

参考資料:「広島市主催昭和産業博覧会誌」広島市役所1930年、「広島市主催昭和産業博覧会協賛会誌」昭和産業博覧会協賛会1930年、「広島市主催昭和産業博覧会写真帖」昭和産業博覧会協賛会 1929年
Filmed 1929 by Kakichi Tanabe
Moto-machi, Naka Ward
The Showa Industrial Exposition hosted by Hiroshima City ran for 55 days from March 20 to May 13, 1929, at three venues in the city. It drew roughly 1.74 million visitors. This footage was shot from the main entrance of Venue 1, established on the Western Drill Ground, located to the north of today’s Kamiya-cho intersection. The first scene shows Kamiya-cho intersection and trams in the background. Subsequent scenes record an elephant show and crowds of spectators. The official records of the expo include no mention of elephants being shown, so it is not clear whether it was part of the expo proper. The very short footage is repeated in slow motion to make details easier to see.
References: Hiroshima City Hall, Hiroshima-shi Shusai Showa Sangyo Hakurankai-shi [Record of the Showa Industrial Exposition Hosted by Hiroshima City] (1930); Showa Sangyo Hakurankai Kyosankai, Hiroshima-shi Shusai Showa Sangyo Hakurankai Kyosankai-shi [Record of the Showa Industrial Exposition Supporters’ Organization] (1930); Showa Sangyo Hakurankai Kyosankai, Hiroshima-shi Shusai Showa Sangyo Hakurankai Shashin-cho [Photographs from the Showa Industrial Exposition] (1929)




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