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撮影:栄花文造氏 佐伯区楽々園

Filmed January and April 1938 (Showa 13) by Bunzo Eika
Rakurakuen, Saeki Ward
Rakurakuen Station was opened to attract visitors to Rakurakuen, the first amusement park in Hiroshima. In the Edo period, the area was covered with salt evaporation ponds, which gradually disappeared as salt production declined. In 1936 Hiroshima Gasudenki (today’s Hiroshima Electric Railway), the firm operating the Miyajima Line, opened an amusement park on land reclaimed from the salt ponds. Named Rakurakuen, the amusement park, which was still a novel concept in Japan, attracted great attention and visitors from as far as Shimane and other places outside the prefecture. Attractions included electric cars, a steam locomotive, swimming pools, and a monkey enclosure, offering a complete escape from everyday life. Many children found it hard to sleep on the night before a trip to Rakurakuen. Adults apparently found the park enjoyable too. Pre-war Rakurakuen was spaciously laid out, allowing families to spread picnics. Greater numbers of amusement rides were added in the ensuing years as visitor numbers grew. The park closed in 1971.
Reference: Hiroshima Konjaku [Hiroshima Past and Present] (RCC program broadcast on November 25, 1989)




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