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ひろしま戦前の風景 7「昭和産業博覧会 子供の国」

昭和4年(1929年)撮影:橘高寿人氏 中区基町

参考資料:「広島市主催昭和産業博覧会誌」 広島市役所1930年
Filmed 1929 by Yasuto Kittaka
Moto-machi, Naka Ward
Venue 1 (Western Drill Ground, an area to the north of today’s Kamiya-cho intersection) of the Showa Industrial Exposition hosted by Hiroshima City had a main hall showing exhibits related to various industries, in addition to diverse themed pavilions, such as Hokkaido Pavilion, Taiwan Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, Karafuto Sanko (lit. Sakhalin Information) Pavilion, and Manmo (lit. Manchuria-Mongolia) Pavilion. According to a contemporary account, the Korea Pavilion, which appears in the first half of the footage, was “a fascinating, elegantly colored building in the style of authentic Korean palace architecture” comprising a main hall, shop, restaurant, and VIP room. “The shop had the atmosphere of a real Korean market, and the restaurant attracted diners with a menu featuring Korean rice and Korean cuisine,” the account says. The second half of the footage shows “Airplane Tower” and “Circling Wave,” two amusement rides charging separate fees, installed at Kodomo no Kuni (lit. Children’s Land) laid out to the west of Venue 1. The airplane ride comprised “four model airplanes, each capable of carrying six people, suspended from a 5-jo high steel tower, powered to not only rotate but also ascend and descend.” “The propellers of the airplanes also rotated, creating the sensation of riding a real airplane.” “The gigantic rotating ride Circling Wave, measuring 15 shaku in diameter, with a seating capacity of 70, was also a popular feature,” according to a contemporary record. “Although requiring the purchase of separate ride tickets, the rides were so popular they were constantly full.”
Reference: Hiroshima City Hall, Hiroshima-shi Shusai Showa Sangyo Hakurankai-shi [Record of the Showa Industrial Exposition Hosted by Hiroshima City] (1930)




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