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ひろしま戦前の風景 11「泉邸」

昭和13年(1938年)ころ 撮影:吉岡信一氏 提供:広島市公文書館 中区上幟町

Filmed circa 1938 (Showa 13) by Shinichi Yoshioka
Original film courtesy of Hiroshima Municipal Archives
Kaminobori-cho, Naka Ward
Popularly referred to as Sentei Garden, the Japanese stroll garden Shukkeien was laid out in the Edo period as part of the villa belonging to the Asano clan, lords of the Hiroshima domain. The garden was opened to the public in 1913, and was donated to Hiroshima Prefecture by the Asano family in 1940, becoming even more frequented by the visiting public as a result. The footage shows the garden’s pond and Kokyo-kyo Bridge spanning the middle of the pond, carp, plants, and people relaxing and enjoying themselves.




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