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撮影:横山守登氏 提供:一高会 

参考資料:「碑」 一高会原爆慰霊碑建設委員会 1991年
Filmed circa 1937 (Showa 12) by Morito Yokoyama
Original film courtesy of Ikkokai
Yamasaki-cho, Danbara, Minami Ward
Hiroshima Municipal First Elementary School was founded in 1932 with the primary objective of equipping pupils with ready-to-use practical skills. To train boys in industrial skills, the school had classrooms for woodworking, woodworking machine use, metalworking machine use, sheet-metal working, drafting, blacksmithing, and printing. For training in commerce, there were classrooms for abacus and bookkeeping courses, and a lab for practical training. Girls were provided with classrooms for lessons in kimono-sewing, dressmaking, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, cooking, and laundering. The footage was possibly filmed to coincide with the school’s 5th anniversary in 1937, when a commemorative booklet was also published. Part of the school building remained in use after World War II as Danbara Junior High School until March 2011.
Reference: Ikkokai Genbaku Ireihi Kensetsu Iinkai, Ishibumi [Stone Monument] (1991)
Compiled with cooperation from Ikkokai (Hiroshima Municipal First Elementary School Alumni Association)




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