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ひろしま戦前の風景 4「春」より

昭和10年(1936年)4月 撮影:川崎源次郎氏 提供:広島平和記念資料館

Filmed around April 1936 (Showa 11) by Genjiro Kawasaki
Original film courtesy of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Ote-machi and Kamiya-cho, Naka Ward, and other locations
The film records central Hiroshima City during the cherry blossom season. Shown are cherry trees lining the riverbank near Aioi Bridge, where trams are crossing, people boating and fishing on the river, the Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall, which was designed to complement the river view, and the bustling commercial district Shintenchi, located a short distance away. Work was underway to remodel Aioi Bridge into a T-bridge (three-way bridge). Since Aioi Bridge at the time had two parallel spans—one a Meiji-era wooden bridge that was later taken down—the bridge assumed an unusual “H” shape.




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